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Guide to Cleaning Your Carpet

Cleaning your carpet is easier than you think. All it takes is a good vacuum, and a little know how.
First push the vacuum forward for a fluffing stroke then back for a cleaning stroke. It may take a little longer but your carpet will stay cleaner longer.

Here are a few tips on removing common stains the right way:

Always treat the affected area immediately. Use a wet or dry towel to soak up the spill.

For a food spill, gently remove as much solid material as you can with a spoon, or a dull knife. Add water and blot,

If you need a spot removal solvent, use a product approved by The Carpet and Rug Institute of America.
Apply several drops to a clean white cloth and blot the carpet in an inconspicuous area. If you notice a change in the carpet color, consult a professional carpet cleaner.

If stains remain after cleaning, moisten tufts in the stained area with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let stand for one hour. Blot and repeat until completely clean.

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