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Keep Your Carpets Looking New


How to Keep Your Carpets Looking New

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And keep your carpets looking new.

Your carpet is going to get dirty there is nothing you can do about it.

Little carpet yarns that stick up should be cut off before they start to unravel.

Spills if not cleaned up immediately can stain your carpet beyond repair and if you don’t want to keep it, is always possible to use the best junk removal service in Sydney to recycle and find a good place for it.

Making your carpet look dingy and old before there time.

Tips to making your carpet look new for a long time

1. Vacuum

Vacuuming regularly can keep your carpet looking new dirt in the fibers can cut fibers and make your carpet wear out faster.

Vacuum twice a week in the traffic areas and once a month around the edges.
Vacuum Regularly

2. Clean Up Spills

Not matter how careful you are your going to have spills. Work quickly and blot up spills don’t rub.
Use a mild cleaner and dab the spot with it immediately the longer you wait the worse it will stain.
Then blot with paper towels or cotton towel.

3. Use a Good Quality Vacuum

One that has good suction and will get most dirt out of carpet.

4. Carpet Scissors

You can but good carpet scissors at Home Depot ones that are angled so you can trim any fibers that animals have torn lose.

5. Hire a Pro to Clean Your Carpet
It cost almost as much to rent a carpet cleaning machine to do three small rooms as it does to hire someone with a truck mount.
And a truck mount does a much better job with the vacuum on a TM and the water temp at 200 degrees and psi at 300.
So find a pro you can trust try Craigslist and pay him you wont have to lift a finger.

6. Re-Stretching Carpet
Another way to keep your carpet new looking is to re-stretch it find a pro with a power stretcher who knows what he is doing, Your carpet will look better and last longer.

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