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Carpet Cleaning Prices


Basic Carpet Cleaning Prices

Most carpet cleaning service charge you on a square footage basis.

Carpet cleaning prices start at about .25 per square foot.

That is about $36.00 for a 12×12 room, if there is pet damage (urine) and odor removal it might cost a little more.

Carpet Cleaning Estimate

They visit your home to make the estimate because it sometimes requires measurements.

Most of the time a good carpet cleaner can estimate without using measurements.

Carpet Protection

Some offer carpet protection as well.

Scotch guard and other similar products have chemicals that might be harmful.

At GC Carpet Cleaners we use only safe carpet protectors.

Carpet Cleaning Experts advise homeowners to clean their carpets annually or even twice a year, depending on traffic and degree of soiling, yet most people clean their carpets much less than that.

How to Make Your Carpet Last Longer

You should vacuum every other day and hot water cleaning once or twice a year.

How to Find a Good Carpet Cleaner
To make sure the job is done thoroughly, find a reputable carpet cleaning professional who can deep clean your carpet using the newest carpet cleaning equipment,

Mohawk recommends hot water extraction on a regular basis.

How To Avoid Mold

Doing a cleaning stroke followed by a dry stroke insures your carpet will dry in the normal 2 to 4 hours.
By drying in the allotted time will prevent any mold from forming.

Using Safe Cleaners

Using safe carpet cleaning detergents is very important so there are no toxic fumes at GC Carpet Cleaners I use only safe carpet cleaning detergents.

Biodegradble Carpet Cleaning Detergents

GC Carpet Cleaner uses safe and biodegradable cleaning products our products go back to nature in 24 hours.

Other carpet cleaning products will stay in the environment forever.

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