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Hot water and organic cleaners are the best way to clean your carpet.

Harsh chemicals can leave a nasty smell and even worse toxic fumes after the carpet cleaner has left.

Using safe organic cleaners is the only way to insure your family’s safety.

Some people have had asthma attacks after carpet company has finish cleaning their house.

That’s because the hot water they use releases the toxic chemicals applied to the carpet in the pre spray mode of carpet cleaning then when you use hot water that releases the nasty chemicals in the carpet up into the air.

There is only one company I know of that makes safe affordable non-toxic shaklee-get-clean-kitcleaners and that is the Shaklee Corporation, they have been making safe biodegradable cleaners since 1960 their products have been green before the word green was popular.

That is why I use only Shaklee cleaning products to clean your carpet.

For a free estimate or to have me come to your home or business to clean or repair your carpet Call Allen @ 1-900-519-9311

I service the Inland Empire area.



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